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Top law firms in Kolkata and other cities come on board as IDIA’s internship partners!

In a big boost to IDIA’s advocacy for inclusivity and diversity in the legal profession, top law firms in Kolkata have joined as IDIA’s internship partners.

We are very delighted to announce that four law firms in Kolkata – Khaitan & Co., Fox & Mandal, Sinha & Co. and Avijit Deb and Partners, along with Aquilaw (a law firm with offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai) have come on board to offer internship opportunities to IDIA scholars and volunteers at their respective offices. They will be offering two internships each – one to an IDIA Scholar and one to an IDIA volunteer. The firms have also offered to support the IDIA scholars interning at their offices with a stipend/financial assistance to meet some of their expenses during the internship period.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Nandini Khaitan (Partner, Khaitan & Co.), Mr. Debanjan Mandal (Partner, Fox & Mandal, Kolkata), Mr. Paritosh Sinha (Founder and CEO, Sinha & Co. Kolkata), Ms. Sucharita Basu and Mr. Sanjay Basu (Managing Partners, Aquilaw, Kolkata) and Mr. Arunabha Deb (Partner, Avijit Deb and Partners) for their generous support to our cause.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that internships vitally contribute to the learning curve of law school students. Outside of textbook knowledge gained in the classroom, internship opportunities provide avenues for ‘clinical’ education to law students, enabling them not just to witness the law in action but also to participate in the process of actualizing the law under the tutelage and guidance of professionals experienced in the field.  In addition to this training and preparedness, internships also allow law students to sample a wide diversity of legal work environments through their 5 years in law school, allowing them in turn to pick one which suits them, helping them blossom to their fullest potential. At IDIA, we strive to inculcate this all-round development in our scholars through exposure to the attributes of ‘CHAMPS – Creative, Holistic, Altruistic, Maverick, Problem Solvers!’ We are beyond thrilled and also humbled to be supported and encouraged by the best in the legal profession in this journey of ours.

If you would like to become an internship partner of IDIA, please contact

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