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More Glad Tidings on IDIA Strikes | Message from Prof. Shamnad Basheer

We had recently announced wonderful news about IDIA trainees making it to top national law schools (read: IDIA Scholars Strike Again). Prof. Shamnad Basheer, Managing Trustee, IDIA Charitable Trust has an important message to share as more glad tidings keep pouring in!

Dear All:

More good news! More of our underprivileged scholars make it to the National law schools in the fourth and final CLAT merit list. I attach a document outlining their inspiring profiles.

Mukesh Tomar is a first generation learner and a true fighter. From Kekadiya, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. Father is a daily wage labourer earning hardly Rs 100 per day. Despite a long struggle with poverty, he made it to NLIU Bhopal, one of the top five law schools in the country today!

Mukesh Tomar, from Kekadiya village, is son of a daily wage labourer with an annual income of mere INR 30,000 to support a family of 5! He has overcome many obstacles to become the first person is his family to pursue higher education. He caught the attention of Abhadya Education and Welfare Society that helped him pursue his studies. His interest in law was sparked by lawyers using law for change. He wishes to pursue the judicial services or litigation.
Mukesh Tomar secures a seat at NLIU Bhopal

Saikh Jiyarul Hoque hails from the Sunderbans, West Bengal. A source of inspiration to many, this child of a poor farmer had the good fortune of studying at a blind school run by the Ramakrishna Mission. He does not want any concessions, but that we merely create a level playing field, where he can blossom to his fullest potential and contribute to society…as much as me and you. In his powerful words:

“Society always say that please help the blind, so they don’t feel left out. I want to prove it that we are not a burden, but contributors for the betterment of the society at large.”

Undeterred by his visual impairment and poverty, Jiyarul is determined to be a lawyer. His family of five is supported by his father, a farmer, with an annual income of mere INR 1,00,000! Jiyarul has been a source of inspiration to many!! A very hard working student who graduated from Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys School, Jiyarul aspires to use his legal education to help the needy.

Please come forward and support these kids. For in their future lies our future. Injustice and inequality anywhere is a threat to equality and justice everywhere! So said Martin Luther King. A great soul who drew inspiration from another great soul, Mahatma Gandhi.

The accident of birth should not be permitted to dictate the future of these rare gems! So lets equalise the playing field for them. In our own little way!

Once again, please do pass this around to all your friends, family and others likely to support this cause. All details for how to make donations to IDIA etc are available on this web link here.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email me (

We need an extensive infusion of funds to help this cause. So far, we have around 5 scholars covered thanks to the generosity of many of you who came forward to support them. We have another 5 scholars left. So please do open up your hearts (and dare I say your purse strings) a bit more and spread the word. 

Thank you!


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